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masterImplemented customizable toggleable drop shadowThomas Buck3 years
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2015-08-18Implemented customizable toggleable drop shadowHEADmasterThomas Buck6-7/+99
2015-08-18Can switch from military time to am/pm displayThomas Buck7-17/+131
2015-08-18Can turn alarm on and offThomas Buck3-13/+60
2015-08-17Added Otacon Alert Animation, testing alert functionalityThomas Buck11-20/+192
2015-08-17Added ReadmeThomas Buck1-0/+10
2015-08-17Recreated original context menu. Can now hide date.Thomas Buck7-57/+294
2015-08-17Basic functionality finished. Time and Date displayed. Added about window, dots.Thomas Buck9-32/+120
2015-08-17Added time rendering and alarm signThomas Buck3-5/+65
2015-08-17Added alarm display, fixed memory leakThomas Buck3-13/+50
2015-08-17Now reading all fonts, splitting them and displaying the current dateThomas Buck4-4/+149